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Christmas Relays 2013

2013 Results are now available!

WVTC is proud to host the Christmas Relays at Lake Merced on Sunday, December 15, 2013.


You'll need 4 people to make a team; each person runs 4.464 miles.


The start / finish is at Sunset Blvd & Lake Merced Blvd


Online registration is available here: REGISTER ONLINE


The mail-in registration form and instructions are available here: REGISTER BY MAIL


50th Anniversary Reunion

We plan to celebrate 50 years of WVTC on Sept. 6th 2014 at Saratoga Springs. Stay up to date with details here:

NorCal Running Review Archive

WVTC published NorCal Running Review in the 70's and the LA84 Foundation (Olympic vintage) is currently scanning and posting every issue on their no charge!  The link is:    In the upper right corner of their homepage is a box which you should click on.  On the page for that link, enter NorCal Running Review under Keyword and hit the return key.   They are currently through 1975 and should have everything completed within a month I hope.  This is a great archive that is available at no cost. 

Christmas Relays 2012

Save the date! Sunday, December 16th, 4 person teams, 4.464 miles per leg. 




Download Printable Registration (PDF)


WVTC in Command

November 12th, 2012

The Open Men team of WVTC goes witha  commanding lead into the grande finale at the PAUSATF XC championships. In 7 races WVTC scored 5 wins, combining to an optimal 75 points before going into the championship race, and is the clear favorite to win the overall series for the first time since 2008. [team standing]


Historical Achievement for Varner at the 102nd Dipsea Race

June 10th, 2012

Three West Valley runners competed in Sunday's 102nd running of the Dipsea Race.  Alex Varner (photo, top) made history becoming the first person to ever win the Fastest Time trophy 4 consecutive years.  The unique and quirky race assigns a different head start to each age and gender.  So while Alex posted the fastest time of the day he couldn't quite reel in the 72 year winner (Hans Schmid) who benefited from a 23 minute head start on the hilly and tretcherous 7.5 mile course.  Overall Alex finished 4th.  Gus Gibbs ran very well with the 2nd fastest time of the day, and an 11th place finish overall, while Jamey Gifford (photo, bottom) had the 6th fastest time of the day and took advantage of his 1 minute  head start over the twenty-something runners to finish 24th.  All three runners received the coveted Dipsea black t-shirts which are awarded to the top 35 to finish.


Strong Showing at Marin 10k

May 28th, 2012

The Open Men's team continues the streak of great performances. At the last PA race before the summer, a tight race between the Aggies, Sacramento Elite, and West Valley developed, finishing within 31 seconds of cumulative team time. Unfortunately, Alex Varner (30:53, 5th) could not score (yet) due to PAUSATF rules, so WVTC finished 2nd. Malcolm Richards (31:04) led the rest of the squad, followed by Knutsen (32:07), Gibbs (32:18, official PA debut for WVTC!), Gifford (32:26), and Jarrett (32:37, PR!). The strong showing was completed by Karbelk (32:46), Backstrom (34:09), Wehrheim (35:14), Scalfone (36:00), and Castelo (36:52). [individual results][team results]


The Dave Kyle Band Rocks Bay to Breakers

May 20th, 2012

"The Bay to Breakers Centipede may just have become an annual event for the club, as it seems that it was a great experience for everyone involved". That's how Jack Youngren summarized the race in which Dave Kyle was pulled towards a 2min+ PR in the 12k (42:10). I think the photos speak for themselves. Great fun.

Solid 2nd Place at Pacific TherX 5k4Play

May 12th, 2012

The West Valley train keeps rolling. Following the outstanding effort at Zippy, 5 runners wearing the Red lined up and secured a 2nd team place at the Pacific TherX 5k4Play in Portola Valley. Knutsen (15:35) lead the squad on a challenging course, closely followed by Matt "Pain" Kane (15:37), Jamey "The Giff" Gifford (15:54), Rookie (15:58; what's his real name again?), and Joe Wehrheim (17:07, 5th Masters). After 5 of 10 races, WVTC holds a 2nd place in the PAUSATF's road series. [individual results] [team results]

Historical Win at Zippy 5k
April 26th, 2012

Coach Jack Youngren had declared this spring as the season of the 5k's and the team proved him right at Zippy 5k this past weekend. And how they proved him right. In a very deep, competitive field the WVTC Men's Open team emerged as the winner, edging the big favorites Aggie RC, New Balance Silicon Valley, and Transports Adidas RC.  Malcolm Richards (15:01), Jonathan Charmesworth (15:02), Konrad Knutsen (15:26), Matt Kane (15:34), and allergy-plagued Ben Jarret (15:41) combined for a cumulative team time of 1:16:44, a 7-second margin over the Aggies. The WVTC "B" team (Jamey Gifford, Jason Karbelk, Nick Scalfone, John Markell, Joe Wehrheim) placed 5th overall. Chiming in from Arizona while on tour with his newly-formed Blue Turtleneck Comedy Club, Alex Mason, former middle distance star, commented, "What a shear display of athleticism!".   [individual results] [team results]

Campbell with yet another sub 4:40 1500m
April 26th, 2012

Nicole Campbell (r.) extended her streak of great performances this spring at last weekend's Woody Wilson track meet at UC Davis. Despite challenging conditions (hot, windy, well, it's Davis after all) Nicole ran very strong, and finished 4th in 4:39,26 after taking the lead after 2 laps. Stephanie Downey (l.) ran well, too, placing 15th in 5:03,47. [results]




Productive Day for WVTC at SF State Distance Carnival
April 9th, 2012

Several WVTC runners hit the track last Friday at the annual Distance Carnival in San Francisco.  Jason "Rookie" Karbelk was up at the crack of dawn to run a big 10K PR of 32:36.  Next up in the 1500 were Nicole Cambell (4:37) and Stephanie Downey (4:49) both running within just 1 second of their PRs.  We had a big showing in the men's 5000 with Malcolm Richards (14:41 despite a face plant on lap 2), Ben Jarrett (15:17 PR), Matt Kane (15:28 - just missing a PR), Jamey Gifford (15:41 - fastest time in 10 years), John Markell (16:24 - fastest time in 10+ years). Next up is Zippy 5k! [results]

 Team Champion at World Famous Carlsbad 5k
April 5th, 2012

This just in via Jack Youngren: West Valley Track Club are the men's team champions at the World Famous Carlsbad 5000! The combined times of Jonathan Charlesworth (14:57), Konrad Knutsen (15:42) and Nick Scalfone (15:51) produced a 30 second win over Adidas Movin Shoes (46:29 - 46:59). Congratulations on a job well done to everyone who made the trip and laced them up. [results]

 Knutsen debuts for WVTC at Carlsbad 5000
April 1st, 2012

Long-time Adidas Transports runner Konrad Knutsen had a great debut in the red WVTC jersey at the "World's Fastest 5k", finishing in 15:42. Jonathan Charlesworth, coming off last week's win at SF State, went sub 15 again, finished 2nd (14:57) in the 29 & Under Division, and Nick Scalfone confirmed his fitness with a 15:51. Great races also for John Markell (16:35) and Dave Kyle (17:01). And always good for a fast time in the 5k, Kyle Brocklehurst (17:53), Nicole Campbell (17:58), and of course our stallion Carlos Castelo (17:35). What a great day for West Valley! [results]

 Jane Kibii Wins Sactown 10 miler
April 1st, 2012

Jane pulled away from YiOu Wang at mile 7 to win the Sactown 10 miler, finishing in 56:55. On the men's side Malcolm Richards also had a fantastic race to find himself in 8th place a mere 7 seconds shy of breaking 50 mins. A day with near perfect conditions saw great races and PRs from Ben Jarrett (53:07), Jason "Rookie" Karbelk (54:12), and Jamey Gifford (54:41). Strong races from Jonah Backstrom (56:01), Joe Wehrheim (57:23) and Edward Randolph (58:32) show how deep the West Valley squad is this year. [unofficial results]

 Charlesworth Wins Johnny Mathis 5k
March 24, 2012

Great track racing this weekend at San Francisco State's Johnny Mathis meet. In spite of a steady cold rain, Jonathan Charlesworth ("I did wear gloves during the race") impressed with a 14:47 that proved to good for everyone else in the field. Charlesworth held off St. Mary's Rajpaul Pannu with a long hard move over the two final laps (2:12). Two PRs cam from Ben Jarrett (15:24) and Matt Kane(15:27), latest recruit Nick Scalfone dipped under 16 (15:58), and Jeff Czyz (17:00) rounded up a great showing for the team. In the 800m Kyle Brocklehurst clocked in at 2:13. Nicole Campbell faced a very competitive 1500m field and had a solid start to the 2012 track season (4:44), while Vanessa Lodi came very close to breaking the 5min barrier (5:01). [results]

 WVTC Men Shine at Emerald Across the Bay 12k
March 18, 2012

Race day at Emerald Across the Bay 12k had perfect conditions for West Valley men to run big PR's. The race unfolded with WVTC Open Men's Team in 3rd place. Malcolm Richards had blazing fast competition from the start, finishing his debut 12k 4th overall in 37:27. WVTC then had a 2,3,4,5 punch by Ben Jarrett (14th in 39:27), Matt Kane (15th, 39:34), and Jason"Rookie" Karbelk (20th, 39:59), all setting personal records. Jonah Backstrom --with an always solid performance-- placed 32nd in 41:20. Our veterans demonstrated again that they will play an important role in this years PA Masters, with Joe Wehrhein's amazing 3rd place finish in 41:57 and Edward Randolph coming in 12th in 43:47. [individual results][team results]

 West Valley Opens Season with Win at Redding

The West Valley open men's team followed up their dominant win at last December's California International Marathon with a solid team performance to take the season opening win at the Nor Cal 10 miler in Redding.  In fact it was a subset of the CIM team that represented the club this weekend.  Malcolm Richards, who is already looking fit again after a strong showing at the Olympic Trials in January, led the team in 5th place.  Next was Jason Karbelk - or Rookie to most of us - carrying his new high and tight haircut across the finish line in 9th place.  When asked about his race he confirmed "yeah I think it was the haircut".   Rounding out scoring for the open team was Matt Kane, Jamey Gifford, and Jonah Backstrom.  Joe Wehrheim & Edward Randolph had very strong showings in the masters ranks, both finishing sub60! (Full results can be found here)
Malcom Richards  5th  51:26
Jason Karbelk  9th  54:33
Matt Kane  14th  54:59
Jamey Gifford  17th 55:37
Jonah Backstrom  24th  57:15
Joe Wehrheim  30th  58:31
Edward Randolph  34th  59:30

 Ben Jarrett 38th at US Cross Country Championships

A first highlight of the new season! Ben continued to convert his training efforts into great races with a 38th place at national XC championships in Saint Louis, MO. Conditions were tough, with a muddy course, 25 deg F  and 20-30mph winds. Finishing with a time of 40:21 on the challenging 12k course, Ben was not entirely happy with his race strategy: after a conservative start slowly moving up, place by place, throughout the entire race. However, this meant running solo for most of the race. “Next time I'll put in more surges to catch groups, which would have been early on between 2 to 4km, may have been worth the extra energy early”, BJ said after the race. Let's see how the next races go! Complete results can be found here. You can also check out a photo gallery (photo 39 of 104).

 Malcolm Richards (2:17:29) and Shannon Cody

(2:44:51) qualify for Olympic Trials

What a great day for WVTC at CIM in Sacramento: 2 OT qualifiers, many PRs, 6 out of 13 top Californian performances, and many other outstanding runs. Kudos to coaches Jack Youngren and Bill Clark. Detailed reports to follow, here are just some results (probably incomplete, pending corrections):

  • Malcolm Richards 2:17:29 (Olympic Trial Qualifier; PR)
  • Bradley Poore 2:24:08
  • Neville Davey 2:25:37 (PR)
  • Matt Kane "House of Pain" 2:26:18 (PR)
  • Jason "the Rookie" Karbelk 2:29:37 (PR)
  • Jamey Gifford 2:30:29 (PR)
  • Jonah Backstrom 2:32:11 (PR)
  • Shannon Cody 2:44:51 MASTER (Olympic Trial Qualifier)
  • Will Hudson 2:45:55 (pacer for Women's Olympic Trial B standard 2:46)
  • Joe Wehrheim 2:49:23 MASTER
  • Ivan Lieben 2:57:51 MASTER (PR)

Christmas Relays 2011

Save the date! Sunday, December 18th, 4 person teams, 4.5 miles per leg. 




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2011 Christmas Relays Results 

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